The ancient land of Fiano, known originally as Alfiano because it belonged to the aristocratic florentine family of the Alfani, is located on the top of the hill that separates Valdelsa and Valdipesa, in the heart of Chianti Colli Fiorentini area.

65 hectares of lands are located in Fiano. The estate is exposed south, from east to west, as seen from the Poggio ai Monti vineyards, at an altitude of 330 metres. 14 hectars more are located in the area of Novoli, close to river Vergignolo.

The formations that created the sub-soils represent three types of lithology: tufo, or volcanic tuff, mattaiaone, a typical tuscan hard-packed clay, and formations of a pebble and coarse sand mixture. Around Novoli the soil shows a clay-loam/clayey character, while in the main area of Fiano the consistency is mostly clay, with a solid plebby structure.

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